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Depressants and Drug Rehab

Depressants slow the activity of the central nervous system. In moderate doses, they make people relaxed and somewhat sleepy, with reduced concentration, and impaired thinking and motor skills. An induced stupor happens when this substance is used in heavy dosage. Benzodiazepines and barbiturates are examples… Continue reading

Drug Rehab Program

Over the years I have met some people who have gone to rehab for drug addiction. Everyone I have ever met that has been to one, comes out clean and happy. These programs seem really well organized or else, how would they work?. I personally… Continue reading

Addiction to Stimulants and Drug Rehab

Stimulants are drugs that activate the central nervous system, causing feelings of energy, happiness, and power, a decreased desire for sleep, and a diminished appetite. Cocaine and the amphetamines are the two types of stimulants associated with severe substance-related disorders. The effects of getting psychological… Continue reading