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Harm Reduction Network

Harm reduction describes a philosophy that enables drug addicts to participate in their particular habit in a way that minimizes the risk of injury to themselves or others. Rather than punish the user, the idea is usually to provide assistance to the user that will in the end enable them eliminate their dependency. Examples of harm reduction techniques are needle exchange plans or even safe sites where people can go to get sterile injection equipment, info about illegal drugs along with basic medical, treatment contacts, and having access to health care workers. Not all of these types of plans can be bought across the world. Through requesting folks to join up for these particular sorts of applications, the particular desire is that they can be taught a means from their habit. The Harm Reduction Network may be a free of charge, volunteer/participant-based program that gives service, information and training to users plus alcoholics through meeting and online chat groups. Individuals tend to be structured geographically and infrequently by drug abuse class.