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The Death of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s unexpected and premature mortality at the age of fifty during 2009 stunned the whole world. His loss of life has long been attributed entirely to the overdose and wrong use of prescription medications. The only real queries still unanswered are whether or not the degree taken by Michael was deliberate and of his personal doing or whether or not those closest to him could possibly have had a part in his death. Body guards, friends and those that attended him clinically have been surveyed in the death.

Michael became a pop star from an early age. His acclaim and claims of addiction at home brought the singer, songwriter into a life of privacy. In addition, it made him a prey of individuals in the market to come up with a easy dollar at his expense. These together with other reasons could possibly have contributed to his misuse of medicine however the bottom line is this world lost a skilled genius as a result of drug use.