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In this article, we will as the question Are hypopressives beneficial for pelvic floor dysfunction? If you are suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction, you may well have heard of Hypopressives; a breathing technique that uses a stomach vacuum to tap into the relationship between the pelvic floor, core and breathing diaphragm. These stomach vacuums are the same as those practiced by yogis for millennia and utilized by bodybuilders since the seventies to enhance breathing, reduce waist size and improve aesthetics.

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The idea that these stomach vacuums could be beneficial for treating pelvic floor dysfunctions was first suggested in the eighties when Belgian physiotherapist Marcel Caufriez began using hypopressive exercises to improve pelvic floor control in patients. With 1 in 3 women1 suffering pelvic floor dysfunction during her lifetime, finding conservative and easy to follow exercises to improve symptoms and quality of life is critical. So, let’s first explore the exercise before delving into its perceived benefits for those with pelvic floor dysfunction.

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