Over the years I have met some people who have gone to rehab for drug addiction. Everyone I have ever met that has been to one, comes out clean and happy. These programs seem really well organized or else, how would they work?. I personally have never really done anything. I‘ve never even tried weed. Despite my little experiences with drugs, I have always wondered what a drug rehab program is like. What does a person who goes through a drug rehab program do? What do they teach in the program? How does it work? Well, since I know people who have been in them, I decided to find out.

I recently had tea with one of my friends who went through a 30 day drug rehab program. After catching up on the more socially acceptable subjects, I decided to pry about drug rehab. He was very kind and happy to answer all my questions. Firstly, he made me understand what a good decision it was for him to check into a rehab center. It allowed him to turn his life around for the better and he has been incredibly happy ever since.

It made me wonder what these people did to create such happiness in a person. My friend started by telling me that they have to get you completely clean first before the real treatment begins. You are isolated for a couple days until everything passes through. In that time you meet with your counselor who helps you through those incredibly tough days.

After you have been cleaned, you are placed on a strict schedule to break your addiction problem once and for all. My friend had 1 roommate and the were allowed to have pictures of friends and family, a few articles of personal clothing, and books that had been approved by the staff. Every morning someone would wake him at 6:30 AM, search his room and tell him to get ready. He would then be tested for drugs and after having been cleared, have breakfast with the other patients.

After breakfast, the patients had 2 classes they had to attend. The first class was kind of like a support group. They then had a small break and then a 12 step class. In this class they went over how to defeat an addiction and lead healthy lives without drugs. The then went back to the cafeteria for lunch and at this time were able to meet with their counselor to talk about anything they were struggling with if need be. After lunch was either a life coaching class, yoga, meditation, or tai chi. These classes were intended to inspire balance and calm in the patients. They then had to take a class on drug dependency, brain chemistry, and reasoning’s for addiction. Once a week at this time they would also have an expressive art class to allow the patients to demonstrate how they were feeling through art. These classes helped patients to understand why they had been addicted to drugs at all. Then for the next 2 hours the patients were required to get at least 1 hour of exercise in the gym. After the 1st hour they had the option of continuing the to exercise or using the health/spa centers amenities. Next came dinner and relaxation time. My friend told me that on Friday’s 1 friend or family member was allowed to dine with all the patients and stay for relaxation time. After dinner and relaxation time, everyone had a curfew they had to be in bed by and someone went around to make sure all the lights were turned off .

So a pretty strict schedule for sure, but it doesn‘t sound to bad, huh?. My friend insists that in spite of the strict schedule, he really enjoyed it. The program helped him to understand himself more and get his head on straight. He always had someone to talk to if he needed and felt very supported. He also liked that they promoted health by requiring exercise time and yoga. He said that the balance of the schedule really helped to him in many different ways. To this day he recommends this kind of drug rehab program to anyone he meets who is struggling and needs to change.

Success of drug rehab seen by someone who has never been.A strict drug rehab schedule means cleaner, balanced people. Drug rehabs help health.