Addiction is one of the prevalent problems of the present society. It comes in several forms and it affects people’s judgment, health, relationships and jobs.

In the medical field, addiction is defined as the chronic relapsing condition characterized by compulsive drug-seeking and abuse and by long-lasting chemical changes in the brain. Addiction is the same irrespective of whether the drug is alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, or nicotine. In ordinary tongue, it is the state of being physically and psychologically addicted on something to such an extent that abrupt cessation causes severe physical and mental reactions.

The feeling of euphoria and a profound sense of well-being usually accompanies drug addiciton. This is what makes it so addictive. For example, a prescribed drug that helps people from physical/mental pain and distress. Every time people feels the pain, they directly rely on the drug that calms them and soothes away their pain. Then, craving more for the substance occurs. This becomes recurring, this becomes a pattern. Then the pattern becomes a habit, and finally this leads to drug addiction.

The immediate victims are, of course, the users themselves. This could branch out from family members, to friends, to work bosses, and to the society because one way or another, your behavior will affect them.

One of the most obvious effect of drug addiction is the deterioration of the user’s physical health. Most of these observable effects are sudden weight loss/gain, bloodshot eyes, and in some cases, tremors . Then, these drug dependents often go into misunderstandings with friends as they are more irritated and hyper-sensitive during the times the drug’s euphoric effect wore off. They also neglect their responsibilities with their family and their jobs causing marital and office-related conflict. Users often get into legal trouble that ranges from petty arrests to incarceration.

The clutches of addiction is a fact that we cannot escape. This is due to the reason that addictive substances are now easily obtained. The most susceptible victims are those who badly needs to find hope .

People use drug as an escape. People see drugs as a reason to run away from present distress and discomfort that they are feeling. Prolonged use has always been associated when uses drugs for escape. All they are looking for is an immediate fix and escape of and from their current situation. Sadly, they are drawn deeper before they knew it. The urge to use the substance/drugs again grows stronger. And before they knew it, they’ve totally become dependent to those substances.

Drug addiction is an ailment the society needs to cure. Once people get addicted, will-power to discontinue on the victims end is never enough. It is no longer a question of the determination of the victims to stop. They are already under the influence of the substance/drugs to such a degree that they continue to use them, despite knowing it’s hurting them and other people as well. The assistance of specialists are needed because it has already developed into a psychological ailment. Most of all, the help, support and understanding of friends and family members should never be absent.

Addiction comes in different types and affects health, relationship, and job conditions.