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Drug addiction is defined as a state of chronic or periodic intoxication that is produced due to repeated consumption of a certain drug. It is also known as substance abuse. Repetitive use of these drugs may result in addiction and the individual may suffer withdrawal symptoms when the dosage of the drug is reduced or stopped. The individual might be diagnosed with a physiological dependence on the drug.

There are many centers that offer addiction help and answers. Here one can find professional help but addiction is a serious disorder and one must take the first step to seek professional help. There are a number of rehabilitation centers which offer addiction help and answers.

Drug addiction as well as substance abuse is a relapsing, chronic disorder where the drug user indulges in compulsive behavior and spends a lot of time in looking for ways and means to obtain the drug. There are neurochemicals and molecular changes that occur in the brain which cause this form of addiction.

The most commonly used drugs by addicts are cocaine, heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide or most commonly known as LSD, barbiturates, mandrax and a host of other opiates.

These individuals are basically the responsibility of the family members or a social group that they belong to. Most often, these drug addicts are treated at rehabilitation centers that offer addiction help and answers through their general health services more on a voluntary basis. There are state-run centers as well as a network of de-addiction centers that are run by non-profit organizations.

The first step is to understand the drug addiction. One must learn about the nature of the addiction, the way it developed, what it looks and feels like, and the powerful grip it has on the user etc. When you have a better understanding of the problem it becomes easier to deal with it and one can seek addiction help and answers.

Addicts feel the uncontrollable urge for drugs and tend to follow patterns of self-destructive behavior which are difficult to comprehend. You might be left wondering as to why it is difficult to quit a habit that is potentially harmful, but the answer lies in the brain. Repeated use of a certain drug alters the way it functions and interferes with the ability to think clearly. Judgment is impaired and the individual ceases to have control over their behavior and feels abnormal without the drugs.

The drug addiction starts as fun, and soon a little experimentation leads to the destructive path of addiction. Most often first-time drug users try the drug due to peer pressure, and without realizing become full-fledged drug addicts.

The good news is that drug addiction can be treated and one can find addiction help and answers and regain control over one’s life. One cannot address drug addiction by sheer willpower alone. They need professional help. The addiction will have to be treated with a combination therapy of medication, counseling, exercise and other modes of treatment. Family and friends will have to be supportive. Relapses can occur but one will have to continue with the treatment as these things take time.