Addiction is not merely a physical difficulty. Nearly all addictions is usually psychological as well as well as the possibility for success using a program of hypnotherapy in rehabilitation may be possible. One of the first hurdles that really must be address before hypnosis might be started would be the potential clients desire to acquire it. A person with a genuine problem with an addiction must be beyond the feeling of denial. The possibility for hypnotherapy to work with an addict who may have had treatment pushed upon them is slim.

Hypnosis is usually not presented before the client has successfully completed the detox step of treatment, although many patients will acknowledge a hypnotic approach in order to help reduce the signs and symptoms of withdrawal. The state of hypnosis in an abuser who may have currently achieved sobriety may also help them accept recommendations and embrace approaches to life which can be positive. Hypnotherapy in rehab can program the recovering addict to avoid the impulse to self treat in addition to choosing various other positive choices in daily life.