People have been captivated by drugs since then. Evidences that pertain to the beginning of addiction is not available. But to point out the evolution of drugs on one side of the coin, it all started with the intention to cure a disease. That is why drugs were formulated then. On a sad note, addiction survived more than the drug’s use as a cure.

Many of people today are frenzied by this kind of mania. These days, it is alarming that drug addiction is considered a norm. Drug addiction is now a plague rotting people from all walks of life. What worst is that it does not choose where or what to impinge on. People from lowest class of social status could be the casualty, and even the elite one, or the people from the upper social class. No one is an exemption to this infection, everyone can be a victim. Even personalities you idolize on movies and TV shows can be victims of drug addiction. A person’s demographics do not entail shelter from drug addiction.

However, there is no such thing as volunteerism on the area of drug addiction. They just came to a point in their lives where they woke and felt each hand fettered. Then, the feelings of being trapped and being helpless sets in.

What is the source of this frenzy? Well to state the obvious, addicts have their reasons why they were and are still engaged in this sick kind of dependence. One of the vital factors is the parts that one’s family and friends play. They could be part of the vicious cycle why this drug addicts are in this limbo, locked in. Family and circle of friends are an interrelated source. For an instance, if an individual always gets criticisms and absorbs family-related problems, a consequence would be that they would seek for an environment where they can speak about their issues, and if not talk about it, at least look for a place where he or she will have a time to forget his/ her predicaments even for just a short period of time. One’s friends now comes inside the picture. A person would always seek solace from the arms of his or her friends. If it happens that his friends are also problematic individuals, chances are, they have already found something to keep them from fleeing from their dilemma. No surprise! Life in addiction, here they come.

We’ll take as an example the stories of teenagers. Teenagers are in the stage where they are seeking for their hub to belong and be accepted. They will look for materials, affection and emotion. Once they don’t get to have this from the very person they were expecting to receive, they would definitely redirect their attention into something else. Thus, trying something new.

The next picture would then involve the use of drugs. Primarily, everything starts with a little tasting for the name of trying. After a couple of times, tasting and savoring its effects, they will get addicted. Drugs now starts to mingle on their daily lives.

After a few sessions of trying drugs, a drug addict will most likely experience drug addiction . They will find themselves looking to taste one more time this short heaven on earth. If they cannot able to get a hold of the substance, they start to feel sick, anxious, and temperamental. Drug addiction would then become a very bad habit to break. Separating themselves from drugs would be very unpleasant. things would not be the same again.

The necessity to be “high” is not the end of drug addiction. It continues. However, manifestations are of different types. Drug addiction makes an individual on the loose. Loosens one’s sense of what is right and wrong, what is moral and immoral, what is good and bad. One would crave and need for more if he or she is into drug addiction. Similar dosage would never be enough. You would need more. And if you won’t be able to get more, you become someone else, you lose your humanity.

This ill kind of habit has a lot of impact and repercussions. For one a person would learn to steal, dupe, and do wrong deeds just to have the finance to sustain their need. Drug addicts are much willing to do whatever thing just to have the money to gratify their craving. Extensive anxiety will occur whenever they try to separate themselves from their adddiction it has already become a compulsion that if they try to separate themselves from it, extensive anxiety will be experienced.

Drug addiction can be experienced by people from all walks of life.