“Jimmy K” was born James Patrick Kinnon. A Scottish immigrant, Jimmy had goals of entering into the priesthood nonetheless his involvement with alcohol and drugs derailed his dreams. By 1950 and by using the help of the 12-step program Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Jimmy ended up being able to overcome his dependence on alcohol. The program nevertheless discouraged participants from speaking about addictive problems to any kind of additional chemicals. Jimmy realized by meeting with other people who in addition acquired addictive habits along with other chemical substances, that there weren’t any corresponding programs to assist individuals.

With the permission of AA, Jimmy adjusted the 12 step program and co-founded Narcotics Anonymous. The group offers support to individuals fighting drugs additions. Aided by the 12 steps of recovery and in line with the rule of privacy, people connect to talk about their particular accounts, fully understand their own addiction plus assist each other in getting clean. Jimmy K passed in 1985 and continued to be clean for the past 35 years of his existence.