Jason Wahler admits it was reality tv which made him rely on alcoholic drinks when he was eighteen. His partying way of living got him into issues adequate that he joined therapy seven times and was imprisoned six occasions, all under the influence of alcoholic drinks. Wahler confesses he experimented with meds but that booze seemed to be always his substance of choice. He partied hard and suffered with blackouts when he was particularly drunk. He says that he fails to recall getting arrested and admits that the blackouts scared him.

Having looked at just what exactly his dependency was doing to his relatives, that’s when Wahler chose to clean his act up. After staying sober for 67 days he showed up on Celebrity Rehab with Jeremy London and Janice Dickinson and remains as sober even today. In spite of his stint on Celebrity Rehab, he offers that the show’s mental health specialist, Doctor. Drew, doesn’t present very much suggestions, nor does Dr .. Drew stay in touch with the famous people after they leave the show.