Marijuana or cannabis is a herb whose leaves, stalks, flowers and seed-stock are smoked to supply a euphoric high. Unlike cigarettes manufactured from tobacco which contain nicotine, an addictive substance, weed doesn’t organically have any chemical elements which make it physically habit-forming to persons. Users are personally in a position to put it down and walk away whenever they wish.

Nonetheless, even though no actual physical addiction is present, like quite a few illegal drugs, the use of cannabis might be habit-forming. Folks that consistently use it to relax or to handle the issues in life may become addicted to it by doing so. Any time pressured or perhaps stressed and if not able to smoke marijuana, they will often become far more distressed as well as nervous, sometimes hostile. Even now, it’s really a significantly less an actual physical effect compared to a psychological or psychological one which there’re experiencing. These individuals may require counseling to determine to handle life without using cannabis.