Miley Cyrus can be described as new music performer that has earned the love of countless supportive girls globally. Even so, parents are scared at their kids attempting to copy Miley Cyrus, someone these people consider to be a terrible role model.

Since her rise to recognition, Miley has not been without having her share of controversy. As a adolescent, she posed for pics in her under garments and distributed them via cellular telephone. She has also been seen to park in handicap spaces, making claims to experience tachycardia and using that for an excuse. Never mind the fact that she is capable of giving high vigor performances, walking just a couple of feet really should not be a concern. Her well known image shoots at the age of 16 sporting just a bed sheet is simply too sexy for a starlet her age, regardless of what her sex appeal is. Together with actions like these, it’s no surprise that parents will not want their young girls acting just like Miley. There are certainly superior heroines to choose from for girls to follow.