Open virtually any magazine these days and you will locate a story about a individual hooked on prescription drugs. The process starts innocently enough, you have an discomfort, you visit your doctor and they prescribe pain prescription medication. You start taking them and feel good. This should be the conclusion of the scenario, nevertheless, many individuals take pleasure in the way they feel while on these types of prescription drugs and carry on their use even after the doctor’s prescription is necessary.

It is estimated that 20 percent of American’s have either used medications for no reason other than to feel good or have over used their medications for a similar influence. With the availability of prescription pain medications, it isn’t difficult to understand how this will transpire. Drug dealers now carry them in their stash and they can even be obtained without a prescription on the net. Sadly this misuse of prescription pain killers has led to a staggering quantity of fatalities attributable to unintended overdose.