Psychodrama is now being used as an exercise in therapy sessions in quite a few treatment centers. Psychodrama in rehabilitation permits the actual clients to be able to be in a position to observe themselves from the point of view of other people in their lives, especially members of the family, friends and other loved ones. The information which they acquire by acting in times of role change will offer the rehab client a greater self-assurance in themselves which will lead to a successful rehabilitation.

The patient doesn’t generally take on the role of some other person and act out the way they think a situation would play out. Typically psychodrama requires the individual playing themselves as another will take on the part of the individuals inner voice. In some cases, a drug addict will speak directly to the drugs or substance that they’re addicted to. The treatment was created by J.L. Morenom M.D. Ever since the early 20th century it’s also been useful to deal with many illnesses which include alcoholism, drug abuse, major depression and also anxiety symptoms.