Codependency takes place when someone lets the behavior of another person drastically impact themselves and also becomes obsessive about controlling the behaviour of that particular person. A codependent person may well smother the individual, make use of sneaky techniques to try and manage the behavior of the other person, or even say i’m sorry or create explanations for blunders that aren’t the person’s wrong doing. Codependent individuals typically think that they would be happy should the individual they are codependent toward could change.

Codependent interaction can have many unintended effects, so it is extremely important to seek treatment if you are codependent. The most effective for of treatment methods are rehabilitation for codependency which is often carries a 12-step program intended to assist codependent individuals recovery from their disorder, to begin to live life in a more positive direction, as well as learn how to remain in a healthy relationship by understanding precisely how and when to set boundaries.