Initially Tiger Woods, subsequently Jesse James, who might be next? Depends upon who gets busted serial fooling around! Sexual activity treatment can be considered much more of bull crap than an authentic therapy stint. While sex addiction is a real illness, what we are seeing is dishonest men attempting to salvage what’s remaining of their marriages. So far, neither relationship was rescued through the sexual addiction rehab.

Serial cheating doesn’t mean that you have a basic sexual addiction. A few men just find it extremely hard to remain loyal to 1 lady, in particular when one spouse is constantly traveling for work. Nevertheless, it is actually an ever-increasing pattern in rehabilitation clinics. Sadly, while there is no real fundamental sex addiction that’s resulting in the infidelity, the rehab is actually worthless. Partners need to either stop fooling around or cease producing justifications with regards to two timing behavior to avoid shining a poor spotlight on authentic sex addictions.