Relapse is a common component of rehabilitation from addiction. Various substances have a higher likelihood of relapse than others do. The achievements of the rehab plan has more to do with the individual’s genuine need to attain sobriety and change his existence than it does the actual contents of the program. Even the finest plans or facilities have cases of relapse.

Despite completing a through rehab plan, if someone was pressured into treatment, he could rapidly relapse into his or her previous patterns. If he or she doesn’t have a great support system in place or lacks the actual coping skills to prevent yourself from risky conditions, he or she may possibly lapse directly into addiction. Home environment, old associates as well as anxiety can all tempt a recovering addict to return to his or her old tactics. Even though one particular slip isn’t a positive thing, occasionally the actual guilt of having committed it could send a drug addict back into the pit of addiction.