Whilst popular wonder Rihanna is well known for a few of her ballads, the tune “Rehab” earned a splash for all of the bad reasons. The particular timing of the kick off prompted a marketing mania and everybody appeared to be seeking to interpret the interpretation driving the words. The pop star has established that the lyrics are certainly not in connection with drug use or even just sex in fact, but it has left many spectators to believe that the song was crafted concerning the actual star’s also prominent ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.

Right after a relationship for a time, suggestions of assault soon erupted after an incident relating to an actual physical altercation regarding the two wherein police were telephoned. Rihanna had suffered limited damage after Brown had beaten her in his car. The considerably controversial lyrics additionally, the timing of the unveiling of the track has caused much supposition. Quite a few think that the track was descriptive of their disorderly partnership thinking that it was dedicated to Brown.