Wild front man of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, was determined to enter rehabilitation in ‘09 due to his pain medication addiction. Tyler blames his addiction on many hears of being a musician and the resulting physical accidents that he suffered due to his lifestyle. This happened to be Tyler’s second trip to a rehabilitation program. The very first rehab visit happened in 1986 throughout which Tyler fought a illegal substance addiction. He recovered from that life altering addiction.

Tyler attended rehab for the second time with the love and support of his family, which included his daughter, Liv. Obtaining the unconditional support of your family rooting for you during a rehab stint is essential importantance. He begrudgingly had the support of his band mates, most who were upset regarding his drug induced falling off the stage during a show in ‘09. His band mates thought to find a replacement for him unless he cleaned up his act. He overcame his addiction to prescription drugs and finally went on to be a celebrity judge on American Idol.