Rarely is there ever any realities guiding the glamorization of teen drinking alcohol, nevertheless a great number of television shows cannot demonstrate the harmful actuality from the pattern. Glee is the latest television show to reflect young adults drinking and befuddle the viewers. Is teen drinking exciting or dangerous?

The episode “blame it on the alcohol” could have been executed greater. Yes, this is a truth that adolescents consume and of course, it is just a actuality that adolescents expire because of these decisions. However, rather then portraying adolescent drinking to be a fun adventure, writers need to take accountability for any audiences that they’re prone to have an effect on. Even though the show did contain designated drivers during the show, the particular risks of adolescent drinking just weren’t emphasized. Adolescents that see drinking as being a interesting action, may think that once they use a designated driver participating in alcohol consumption will not likely bring them almost any damage. I would like to see additional reality and less glamorization from television shows that will definitely have a very good special influence on today’s youth.