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What does it mean to “work the steps” of 12 step programs?

My older sis only recently commenced a twelve step program with regard to her alcoholism problem. She might seem young, sadly she nonetheless for some reason fell into this pitfall of alcoholism. My father and mother stepped in and told the girl that it was either get assistance or they would pay needed for her grad school. So naturally, the girl has opted to obtain help. No one imagined that her dilemma had been serious enough for full on rehabilitation, simply a twelve step program would be just fine. And so, this is exactly what she is actually proceeding through right now. When I found out the girl was getting this help, I was in fact very excited. I’ve learned about twelve step programs as well as how much they help people. And I genuinely do want my sis to be able to succeed, the girl has so much to give our world, I would like the girl healthy. I can’t wait for her to be able to conquer alcoholism, get through grad school, and get out and about into this world then show everybody everything she is actually made of. Unfortunately, we all have actually run into a little bit of a wall.

My mom and dad usually are in communications together with a leader of the particular 12 step program, and this guy explained that her development is actually less than what it ought to be. She has some sort of internal blockage that is not enabling the girl to be able to move onward and end up being a strong, sober individual. She isn’t drinking right now, nonetheless , the girl isn’t emotionally and mentally progressing. She is still with this mind set of an alcoholic even if she is not at the present time partaking in these urges. According to this leader of this particular program, this person believes the girl is actually just hoping that just by going and sitting in at those group meetings that she will be healed of alcoholism, it won’t happen, obviously.

According to this leader, my sis has to “work the steps” for this particular 12 step program. That she has to always be actively working when they will learn go through each step of the program. This is something that I don’t completely understand. What actually does it then mean to “work the steps” pertaining to 12 step programs? I mean, this is certainly sort of an odd phrase. Aren’t you pretty much progressing through the particular stages and consequently those actions lead to sobriety? I understand that this individual is aware of what this guy is talking about, however I don’t. And anyway i would like to since i actually would prefer to be able to recognize precisely what this guy means so that i actually recognize just what is actually going on and then what needs to go on when it comes to my own sister. So, just what can that necessarily mean to “work the steps” pertaining to twelve step programs?