The other day I had been complaining to one of my buddies regarding my alcoholic dad and how sad he can make my life. After I was done complaining, my buddy informed me that I really need to start heading to Al-Anon meetings. Number one, rude. Are you insinuating that I ought to have help merely because of all this? I’m fine, I just need to vent every once in awhile. And two, exactly what is al-anon? It’s sound just like Alcoholic’s Anonymous, and will never go to that because I’m not an alcoholic. I’m assuming Al-Anon is something different, however I don’t understand or know precisely what it is, and consequently I need to understand so that I can understand my own friend and see how angry I need to be with them. I guess I am a bit more sensitive with regards to issues pertaining to my father, his own alcoholism, as well as just how that applies to me. So I am likely to be jumping to being upset to soon and all that, but the fact is that I feel mad. And right now I am curious. What is Al-Anon?

It’s not really like my pop is actually any kind of a terrible, violent, falling down drunk alcoholic. No, no, this man just drinks every evening to the degree in which this guy isn’t fully coherent and he sits down in the easy chair and drops asleep. It’s not a threat to myself or anyone else. But it’s really a problem. It continually triggers problems for my household and I. For example, if perhaps I need to speak to him with regards to anything extremely important such as an function coming up or anything such as that, I have got to be certain to do that earlier in the day time whenever this guy is not drinking since in the event that I inform him after he has already been consuming alcohol he won’t remember. Sometimes I may possibly forget or not find the chance in order to have a discussion to him, and then I have to explain to him something extremely important and wish for the best, but he doesn’t remember.

This often leads to this irritation of my entire family and I always having to refill my father in about things due to the fact he doesn’t know what’s going on cause he can’t remember. We frequently have the exact same conversations over and over again when it comes to him and it’s so boring. And depending on the night, we can be having serious talks and he attempts to way in on everything and in many cases doesn’t make any sense. The rest of us simply take a look at each other and roll our eyes due to the fact that it’s so very ridiculous the way this guy acts.

Also, he doesn’t want to actually do anything, ever. He works, and after that just about all this guy wishes to accomplish is be seated in the man’s lazy boy seat and watch television while drinking. He never wants to go out to dinner for a change. He never wants to walk our dog. He doesn’t want to go see any movies. He just will go work, drink, chair, sleep. That’s it. With his drinking, it’s just like this guy has got absolutely no passion for anything. And it’s really depressing and also infuriating to see.