The other day I had been complaining to one of my pals regarding my alcoholic father. Yes, my father is actually an alcoholic. He seems to have been an alcoholic ever since I was in fact a little kid. HeHe gets done any work he ought to have done, and then he begins drinking. He drinks till he falls asleep, consequently gets up and will begin the exact same cycle all over again. Sometimes he is verbally abusive while drunk. Sometimes he will be confused as well as loopy and may possibly make absolutely zero sense. Sometimes he acts the same as a real villain, in some instances he acts the same as a real clown. But no matter exactly what this guy is actually acting like while drunk, there has always been one particular thing he is never acting as, and this is any kind of a spouse and a father. He isn’t there for us the way any husband/father should probably be. I don’t quite know how my own mother puts up when it comes to it. I think she just wants to make certain we all are economically secure and we all probably would not be without having my dad, consequently we will keep on being trapped.

I was telling my pal that the other night my father had been snoring just like a freight train. He was in fact lying down in the area next to me when I had been making an attempt to do homework. I wasn’t able to focus since that was so very loud. So, I determined to get in there and then get him to quit snoring. I gently woke him and requested him to turn on his side since he will not snore whenever he is on his side. He woke up, he looked around like this guy absolutely no notion where he was. Then he smacked me in the arm, rolled over, and at that point called me a rather vulgar bad word. It was actually depressing to experience. I had not been physically in pain or in danger, I was just feeling sad to have heard my very own father talking to me like that.

I told my friend that I can’t believe what he said to me, how he looked at myself with those glossed over eyes. I was actually used to his alcoholism to some extent, however this still broke my heart. Then i actually began to become upset more even as i actually thought about it. I could not believe the situation and in addition I wasn’t able to believe that I was actually getting so worked up over this because I was suppose to be numb to it. I started feeling extremely lost. And that is whenever my friend made a recommendation that I am making the effort to be able to learn more about. He advised me that I would be wise to look into going to an Al-Ateen meeting. I was like just what is Al-Ateen? I’d never before known about it till he discussed it. He supplied me a quick explanation telling me that it was actually the support group program for teenagers that have got alcoholic family members and consequently are usually fighting when it comes to these situations.

So,So, I would prefer to know, what precisely is Al-Ateen? I mean, I currently understand the rough idea, however I don’t recognize how it works. I don’t really grasp what it is really all about. I need guidance getting familiar with that. I want to be able to understand it in case I am to proceed to one of these kind of things. It’s growing to be evident to me that i actually have to have assistance with this, with my personal beliefs and feelings concerning this. Maybe this is the place where I could get support from.