I’ve got a tiny bit of a problem with my friend, and his name is James. No, I’m just kidding. He isn’t my problem, nevertheless his predicament has grown to be my problem. You see, James has got a more than slight dependency disorder which I am helping him cope with and it’s not easy. James is actually my very best friend, this guy has been my good friend for close to 8 years now. I can’t picture life without him, yet I nearly had to. James became a very substantial alcoholic after his girlfriend for 4 years broke up with him. I suspected this was actually a risk, it’s a tendency that his family has. Anyway,Anyway, the man’s girlfriend left him, the woman he thought he was actually going to marry, and then he began consuming alcohol to be able to numb the ache when nothing else helped. He could have guys night with all of us and blow stuff up in video games and get boat loads of pizza, he could have terrific meals made by me and be treated to a movie, he could sleep together with random young ladies he became aquainted with at the bar, he could actually be surrounded by all the people that love him, however absolutely nothing helped. Nothing helped except for alcohol inside his mind.

Once he lost his occupation and was scarcely functional because of the man’s alcoholism, i actually had to act. I struggled with him over this matter yet I ultimately got him into treatment needed for alcoholism. He ended up being over there for a little more than a month and then came out alcoholism-free. However, I don’t know exactly how they just let him go from this center since this guy was still an addict of some kind. In his treatment, he acquired opiate pain killers for the withdrawal from alcoholic symptoms. He grew to be addicted to these pain relievers and these people handed him some everyday. When he came back out, he some how located the system to obtain the pain killers for home and started abusing them. Shouldn’t this rehab center have seen this coming? I reckon it’s my own fault for picking a bad center for him.

Anyway, now this guy has got this addiction to opiate pain killers and consistently acts like some idiot just because of them. He is certainly not healthy or possibly sane. He is really sick as well as always numb. He needs more help, however this time, it’s got to end up being the appropriate help. What he has, this addiction to opiate pain killers because of the original addiction to alcohol is recognized as cross-addiction. So I ask, what is the best treatment pertaining to cross-addiction? And i actually mean, what is truly the BEST treatment available for cross-addiction? I’m not kidding around. This my own very best friend and this person needs assistance like no tomorrow. So someone help me personally help him.