Oxycontin is a type of Oxycodone which is marketed as a time released pain killer. The medication is classified as a Schedule II Controlled Substance because of the large probability of dependence on the substance. While the drug is only accessible by prescription, it has become increasingly more available on the streets for addicts to buy from sellers.

Even though Oxycontin is known as a time release substance made to be consumed whole, addicts will crush or chew the tablet to bypass the time release. When the pill is mashed, it’s snorted through the nose, like cocaine. The drug is usually diluted in water and shot into the veins too. These methods of altering the capsule trigger swifter, more powerful highs.

After a while, your body will build up a ceiling for the pill, which makes it necessary for addicts to increase the dose to obtain the high feeling. Developing a tolerance to the drug is extremely dangerous because once the drug is consumed in increased doses, the likelihood of overdosing rise. Since Oxycontin depresses the central nervous system, overdoses will shut down the respiratory system and trigger subsequent death if not handled quickly. Other indications of Oxycontin overdose include things like: convulsions, coma, and confusion, loss of consciousness, breathlessness and vomiting.

Oxycontin has developed into a street drug due to the several users who seek illegal channels of receiving the prescription medicine. When medical doctors won’t prescribe additional pills after realizing that their own patients are mistreating the drug, addicts are left going through withdrawal and definitely will pay out higher rates to obtain the pills on the street.

That allows the drug to be available on the street, there must be a way in which the dealers get the pills. There are instances noted where pharmacists have taken pills from the drug stores and distributed them to dealers to make money. In some cases, youngsters have raided their parent’s medicine cabinets and sold the leftover prescription drugs for cash as well. Both these activities result in Oxycontin being offered as being a street drug.

Fighting an oxycontin addiction unquestionably demands the assistance of a detox facility due to severe withdrawals that you just encounter as the drug leaves your system. One user described the withdrawal proclaiming that he felt like his skin was burning and his bones were melting. This alone signifies that the drug is efficient at habit. An addict will overlook aspects of his life to take the drug, not to mention lying and stealing.

Detox is the greatest answer for weaning yourself away from oxycontin. By allowing your physician to control your dosage amounts so that the dosage becomes minimal and finally stops, you are relinquishing control but battling your addiction also. As soon as the drug is out of the body, treatment by means of rehab will likely be vital; otherwise the probability of relapse significantly increase. Because the drug is capable of ruining your life, the earlier you get support, the earlier you’ll be able to move on with your life.