As I have gotten a lot more intensely involved within the AA program, I get the question a lot: exactly why is the sponsor located in the AA program? This is in fact a question which I enquired when I first became a member of AA. And so, to help respond to this question, I will tell my own tale of how I discovered why sponsors are part of any AA program. Let me just entice you more before I get to respond to the question in full. Through my personal time located in AA I attained sobriety, and this wouldn’t have been possible without having my personal sponsor. And by way of my sponsor supporting me, i actually got to be sober, as well as started to be driven to become a sponsor myself. Now, why is a sponsor located in this AA program?

I got into our AA plan as an alcoholic who had lost virtually everything. I’d lost my job as well as lost a lot of close friends and family members. The only thing I possessed was my crummy little apartment, and yet soon even that would wind up gone, and it didn’t mean anything anyway. I proceeded to go into AA out of desperation. II wanted to positively change. I needed leadership, and I wanted that coming from the leader of this AA program. I wanted to be with the leader as well as among additional folks just like me. So I was thrown off by those sponsors, those folks that had it all together. I didn’t want them around. Then I shortly after that discovered that I would be receiving a sponsor of my own from the sponsors for this program.

I had been taught that the sponsor was in fact someone that ought to possess the thing I wanted. I met up with my sponsor, a man named James. James was in his late 40’s. He had been an alcoholic during his early 30’s, the exact same age range as me. He had conquered dependency on alcohol then progressed on to begin his own bakery company, get married, and then start up a family. Really, he had almost everything i actually wanted, aside from a bakery. I quickly observed that James could become my role model. HeHe had been through the very same things as me, he clearly recognized a way to be able to get around it and go on to live a beautiful life.

James James was my rock. He supported me in the journey, providing me a shoulder to rely upon any time I got tired, an ear to be able to speak to any time I ended up being distressed in between AA meetings. He led me on the journey and made sure I got to where I needed to go. I recognized that this person was actually the only one that could grant me the individual attention I particularly needed, not the leader of the AA program. James made it simpler for me to be able to achieve sobriety. And I’ll tell you something, we are still friends to this day. And now, I am starting ahead and helping folks the way he helped me.