Robin Williams is infamous as being among America’s top rated funnymen. Fame included a price though as Williams passed many years struggling with drug and alcohol habits. Able to free himself from the struggles with the drugs, Williams lived a life of sobriety for 20 years, until 2006.

In 2006, building pressure got to Williams and the man fell off the wagon. He started drinking just as before up until the condition endangered his relationship. His wife of 17 years at that time, Marsha, urged him to secure support. Even though the actual marriage couldn’t pull through the excessive drinking, Williams did get sober and states it ended up saving his life. According to him that it is simple for him to see clearly without worrying about effects associated with the particular alcohol. Williams has taken it slow when it comes to functioning these a long time. He recognizes that whenever he’s continually performing, it provides a negative effect on his addictions.