Where to get drug addiction help?

Founded in 1976, the Freedom Institute is a drug rehabilitation center in New York. This non-profit outpatient treatment center addresses drug addiction, chemical dependency, and disorders by. Working with people 18 and older and their families, the center's multidisciplinary doctors conduct an in-depth evaluation to design a personalized treatment program, including detoxification and drug-assisted approaches. They also integrate personalized dialectical behavior therapy and relational family therapy to adapt to the client's recovery.

Tempo Group - Woodmere is an addiction recovery center that offers help to patients in the New York City area. There are signs and symptoms to consider that could indicate that your loved one needs help with a substance use disorder or addiction. The goal of outpatient drug rehabilitation is to stabilize your health and provide you with the knowledge, skills, and resources to help you recover your life from the clutches of drug addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Encouraging your loved one to seek some form of professional help for addiction is a positive step in recovering from drug and alcohol abuse can put you on the path to a sober life.

Individual and group therapy sessions help clients come to terms with their addictions and the problems behind them. However, loved ones of drug addicts can help them stop drugs by encouraging their motivation to change. Peter's Health Partners offers a full range of services for people with alcohol or drug addiction. During family therapy, family members learn what to do and what not to do to help better support their loved one during recovery from drug addiction.

American Addiction Centers (AAC) can help you find the best drug and alcohol treatment centers near you and understand your options. For more than 50 years, Odyssey House has helped young people of transition age (18 to 2 years old), men, women, mothers with children and seniors in New York City recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Finding affordable or free substance abuse treatment can ease some of this burden and can help people struggling with addiction get their lives back on track. Step-by-step guides to finding treatment for drug use disorders (PDF): Guides for adults, teens, or people helping someone who is addicted to drugs.

The Suboxone Treatment Clinic is a drug rehabilitation center that helps patients in the New York area eliminate addiction to heroin, opioids and oxycodone by using Suboxone to reduce the effects of withdrawal.